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About me

I am dietitian with nearly ten years of experience in different areas of nutrition and dietetics. My experience in health promotion and various medical specialties, such as obesity, diabetes, oncology and neurology, have helped me develop a wide range of skills and knowledge to help many clients and patients, with a holistic view of the person and the clinical, social and cultural aspects that affect the way we eat and our nutritional status.

Where to find me?

I currently work in England, and I am in the process of moving to Spain. I will continue offering my services in both countries, both in public and private health, and based in Madrid and London.

Online consultations

I also offer online consultations. Online consultations allow great flexibility to access dietetic services, with an increased frequency of contact with the clinician, and demonstrated efficacy in the management of some health problems, as shown in DAWN (2011), DREAMS (2015) y VOCAL (2015) pilot programmes in diabetes management.


If you have a health insurance, in some cases it may cover part of the treatment.


If you want to obtain further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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