Nutrition & Dietetics from your local health centre or the comfort of your home.

  • Free initial conversation over the telephone to establish your goal and assist you with any queries about this service.
  • Initial consultation to understand the issues, dietary preferences and barriers. Design of a plan during consultation, followed by sending a report that includes the agreed changes and other necessary information to follow the plan, such as food lists.
  • Use of behavioural change techniques and nutritional education.
  • Weekly contact via email or as necessary.
  • Optional but recommended: food diary completed by the client, preferably using an app.
  • Review every 4 weeks, or as agreed, to assess progress, continue the nutritional education, and add new changes to continue the journey towards the objective. Written report of the consultation.
  • Reviews can include other services, such as shopping planning, menu planning education, cooking practice or mindful eating exercises.
  • Preparation for competition or fight
  • Sports performance
  • Nutritional education
  • Follow ups as needed
Malnutrition in hospital and the community, diabetes and obesity. Consultancy service, locum, bank and either short or long term contracts.
This service offers totally tailored options depending on the client needs, adapting to their lifestyle and goals. Some of the options that it can include are personalised menu, shopping list online, food on delivery, home visits and cookery education. Please enquire if you are interested, and the package will be designed specially for you.
Dr Balize, for more comprehensive assessment and required prescriptions

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